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The 1,700 workers in the private waste disposal industry are critical to New York’s safety, health and economy.

Elected officials are planning to restructure the system and are considering two plans. One will work. The other will be disastrous for waste industry workers and New Yorkers.

The best option for New York: A multi-zone system that allows for multiple haulers in designated zones throughout the City. The multi-zone system was proposed based on rigorous research executed with the support of industry experts, engineers and city officials.

The other option is an exclusive zone system. Despite an unbiased, city funded study that tells us this will not work and despite this system being an absolute failure in Los Angeles, certain interests continue to push for an exclusive zone system.

An exclusive zone system would create garbage monopolies for corporate behemoths and decimate small businesses that have worked in the industry for years, resulting in hundreds of hardworking New Yorkers losing their jobs.

Even with a multi-zone system, some jobs will be lost. Any approved plan must include a just transition for workers that requires fair wage, benefits and other standards.

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In New York City, trash is disposable,
but workers should not be.

The message we need to send to the City Council is simple:

An exclusive zone system did not work for other cities and it will not work for New York.

No matter the plan, a just transition for workers is critical.

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