Workers are NOT disposable - Take Action

Letter to NYC Council

Building Blocks NYC is an organization dedicated to establishing a housing market that city residents can be proud of. Deep affordability, middle class wages, and proper training are our core tenets. We believe all three are essential to a successful housing program.

New York is ranked in the bottom 11 states for prevailing wage laws and protections.

That means New York is missing opportunities to create working class jobs and provide families with the support and sustaining wages they need to live here.

Without a clear definition of “public work,” contractors receiving public subsidies—our hard-earned tax dollars—are not required to pay New York’s workers fair, area standard wages and New York’s working class families are the ones who suffer.

BBNY is an organization dedicated to advocating for these families – first through the passage of critical construction safety legislation in New York City and now for the passage of definition of public works legislation in New York State.

Eliminating ambiguity around public works will ensure New York State is acting responsibly when financing and commissioning public work, and protect working class families’ right to fair wages. Further, it will send the message to contractors that in the state of New York: Public Subsidies Come with Public Responsibilities